How To Find The Best Football Betting Site

Online Football Betting has exploded on the internet and hundreds of new sites have popped up offering a whole new world of football games online. However, with so many choices available it is often difficult to decide which online betting service is best for you. With so many choices comes controversy. Let’s take a closer look at what each online football betting service offers its members.

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Favorite: Favorite is one of the oldest betting services on the internet and they are considered the cream of the crop in the industry. My Favorite offers football picks for nearly every NFL game going on at any time of day. They offer football picks for both point spreads and total bets. Their odds are very comparable to other top online football betting services and they do have some nice wagering options, though My Favorite is definitely no slouch when it comes to wagering JBOKeo.

Odds Shark: The Shark offers football players a chance to make a few hundred dollars each week while enjoying the thrill of betting on the big game. This site offers several different types of picks as well as football odds. This makes it possible for bettors to find their ideal game by finding the type of odds they like. For example, if the odds are fair then the bettors should probably try and find a value pick or bet on a team with good odds. However, if the odds are unfair, then the bettors should move on because there aren’t many good choices.

World Cup Picks: This particular site offers two different types of betting; fantasy and actual football. The Fantasy option gives you the opportunity to trade in your real money for a chance to win thousands of dollars without ever laying a finger on the cash. The actual option gives the bettor’s an opportunity to place a bet on the football team that they think will win the World Cup. This site also includes the odds for the game so you can see just how good certain teams really are.

Extra Bonus Money: Football fans everywhere know that it’s best to play for free, right? Well, there are a couple of sites that offer bettors a bonus every time they place a bet. It doesn’t matter what the bet is on, whether it’s a field goal or a point makes, the bonuses are almost always welcome. Some of these sites offer much more than others, however.

Deposit Bonus: The best football betting site will usually offer a 100 percent match up to the money you wager with. This is an amazing feature because it means that if you decide to change your mind after the fact and go with someone else, you won’t lose anything. However, some sites do require a deposit to join. The best online football betting sites want you to be a customer so they’ll want to ensure that you stay happy with them. In order to do this, they will give you a variety of different incentives, such as a deposit bonus and other deals.


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