Skin Care Information: Simple Ways Both Men And Women Can Enjoy Glowing Skin

Although most skin care information is directed to women, the simple truth is that both men and women want healthy, glowing skin.

The only reason why most articles and books target women is because women show a greater interest in skin care products and are willing to spend more money to look beautiful.

I have to admit, I used to have this bias, too. It’s not something I’m proud to admit. It was just an unconscious cultural bias that I did not even realize that I entertained.

I used to believe that men were simply not interested in great skin beyond having a good shave. One day, at a party, a friend teasingly asked after I had just graduated from a beauty college, if I shared my beauty secrets with my husband at the time. I said something to the effect that men were simply not interested in skin care. We had a long, heated discussion in the car that evening after the party about my blatant disregard for his feelings.

After that incident, I researched skin care for men and found to my surprise that men are as interested in having a nice skin as women, but they just feel inhibited in using skin cleansers, moisturizers, and SkinCell PRO toners because of cultural conditioning.

I also learned that there was a small, but active line of cosmetics for men to keep their skin young and healthy.

Biologically, too, although women generally appear to have softer skin than men, there really isn’t that much difference in human skin between genders.

After I opened my own mind, an interesting thing happened: my skin care clientele went from women only to include men. Although, as you might expect, it still remained largely women, I did have many remarkable therapeutic skin care breakthroughs with men.

Interestingly enough, men seemed to appreciate my advice more than women. I think, it was because women are used to taking care of their skin while men were thrilled when they discovered what a huge difference a skin care routine could make for them.

So what skin care information works for both sexes? First, we need to look at what damages skin, and then we need to look at some simple remedies.

What Factors Age Skin in Both Men and Women?

Here are the two main reasons why both men and women begin to lose the beautiful skin they had when they were younger:

1. The depletion of collagen and elastin.

As we age our skin no longer produces collagen and elastin, two proteins in our skins that keep our skin firm yet elastic. Consequently, our skins begins to show tiny wrinkles around the eyes and we begin to develop lines across our brows. In addition, dark circles surround our eyes, and skin around our cheeks and below our chins start to sag. And if all that isn’t bad enough, we also notice more age spots and inconsistent skin pigmentation. As a result of these effects due to a loss in collagen and elastin, it is important that both men and women use products that stimulate the body’s natural production of these two essential proteins.


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