Housekeeper Job Description

A housekeeper, often referred to as a maid, is someone responsible for the care of a home’s cleaning staff. They are responsible for keeping the homes clean and making sure that the homes are free from dirt, grime, debris, and pests. In many cases, a housekeeper will also do the bathroom cleaning duties as well. This job description describes a lot of the different positions that a housekeeper can hold in the home.

A housekeeper is not only responsible for doing general duties, such as dusting and vacuuming, but they also perform other tasks. General housekeeping duties include emptying the trash and dusting the kitchen, floor, and windows. Cleaning the home after everyone has gone home, is also a task that is commonly assigned. Vacuuming regularly and sweeping the floor on a regular basis are two more chores that are usually included.

Housekeepers are often called upon to help with other tasks as well. These include the emptying of dishwashers and sinks as well as washing and drying clothes. Closets need to be emptied as well as the floors cleaned so that they are free of crumbs and other dirt. Washing dishes by hand is also part of the housekeeper’s duties. It is not uncommon for a housekeeper to be given extra help when needed. For example, a family may need two people to help wash the clothes for a party, rather than just one person.

Household chores can be exhausting and time-consuming. However, if a housekeeper is scheduled regularly, then the household can reduce their workload and free up time for other професионален домоуправител София цени activities. Additionally, housekeepers often have extra skills and talents that can be put to use in the household. Cleaning the kitchen and dining room or simply dusting furniture is common housekeeping duties. Housekeepers can also bathe pets and children and change bedding in addition to helping with other chores.

Other duties include cleaning chimneys and attics as well as scrubbing grout and tile floors. A housekeeper is not only required to perform simple tasks, but some specialize in deeper cleaning. Housekeepers who specialize in deep cleaning are skilled at removing dirt from tile floors as well as shampooing sinks and countertops.

A housekeeper’s duties do not end in cleaning though. Many housekeepers are employed as nannies to take care of the children while their parents are at work. If a housekeeper is well-trained, then she can take care of any child-related needs that a family may have. A housekeeper’s job duties are not limited to looking after the home and cooking for it. She is often an invaluable member of the family, which makes her a good candidate for many jobs.


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