How to Host a Texas Holdem Tournament in 10 Easy Steps

In today’s ever expanding world of poker popularity learning how to host a Texas Holdem Tournament is both valuable and rewarding. Read on to find out how now.

Learning how to host a Texas Holdem Tournament at home is akin to learning how to catch your own fish or grow your own vege’s. You will be able to continually feed yourself forever no matter what external events dictate. Texas Holdem players love to play in tournaments as opposed to normal cash games and that’s why it’s valuable to be able to run a tournament whenever you feel like.

Practicing your tournament skills around the kitchen table – or in old-mate Dave’s rumpus room – will help you feel more comfortable for when you play in a tournament online or in a casino. You’ll get a better understanding of how tournament strategy is different to normal ring game strategy and more specifically, how the rising blinds and ante’s affect your overall game.

How To Host A Texas Holdem Tournament In 10 Easy Steps

I’m not going to waste time talking about the extreme basics. You will of course need a few decks of cards, poker chips, tables, chairs and participants. Further to that:

1) Make the entry fee appropriate and easily affordable.

The night should be fun, entertaining and easily affordable. No one likes have to pay too much for anything. Make the tournament about the cost of a fair dinner or the same as going to the 홀덤사이트 movies – like $20. If you have contact with keen players who like the idea of a bigger kitty move it up to a maximum of $50.

2) Set a starting time and stick to it.

Its important to have a set starting time and actually start the tournament at that time. Communicate how important it is that everyone is there on time and late arrivals won’t be allowed to join in.

3) Randomly draw seat assignments.

No one gets to sit where they please or next to someone they choose. Use face down cards to decide who sits where. I.e. If there are ten players, pull out cards Ace-Ten, shuffle them and deal them, and the card number a players gets dictates their seat number.

4) Start everyone with an equal amount of chips.

Everyone gets the same amount of chips at the start and the tournament runs until one player has all of those chips. If a player loses all their chips they are out of the tournament.

5) When someone’s out, they are out.

Have something for them to do! This can be another table where they can play cards (like Texas Holdem), backgammon, watch TV or DVD’s etc. Don’t forget to keep the snack table nicely stocked and the drinks fridge too.

6) When you have more then one table, keep them as balanced as possible.

As players bust out and vacate their seats some tables will have fewer players then others. To move a player from one table to another, take the player who is in the big blind of the table with the most players at it and move him to the most favourable seat of the other table. The most favourable seat will be the one that is the farthest from the big blind at that time.


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