Standing On a Surf Board

It may sound silly, but before you can stand on your surf board in the water, you need to be able to do it on land. By perfecting your stance on land, you can make it easier on yourself in the water.

Lay on your board or some other flat surface. Try the push up method. Do a push up and when your arms are fully extended, bring your knees forward and hop up on your feet. Practice this move until it is no longer something thought about, but just a motion that is done. Do this quickly so you learn to gain your balance swiftly.

If you can’t seem to get up on both of your feet you may also try the monkey method. Place all of your weight on your arms Inflatable paddle board and walk up the center of your board. Keep a knee on the center of your board and push up on your front foot into the standing position.

Once you have managed to get comfortable with standing up on land try it out in the water. You know its time to rise up on the board when you feel the board moving faster than you can paddle. Remember everything on land, and even try to visualize yourself on land instead of moving. Keep both feet planted and this will allow you better balance.

Do not stand straight up. Keeping your body low and centered on the board will help you stay up longer. Stay calm and enjoy the ride before you wipe out.

Remember the 3 steps of standing up and you will be a pro in no time.

Push up and extend both arms fully to push your body up.

Pull your knees to your chest


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