Comparing Custom And Modular Trade Show Stands

Large trade show stands can be split into three major categories: modular units, custom exhibits, and clever combinations of banner stands and table top displays. Each category has its particular advantages, and in many cases there will be a clear best choice for your business – and it might not be a custom design, even if you have the funds for one.

Custom Trade Show Stands

Prior to about 1990, custom trade show stands were the best choice for companies that wanted a distinctive convention presence. Many companies have kept this philosophy, leading some convention exhibitors to choose a custom unit whenever they can without considering other options. The sole advantage of today’s custom units is their ability to be tailored to specifications, but even that is not something unique to a custom build. A true custom unit tends to be more expensive than a comparable modular unit, and both will generally be more costly than a combination of banner stands or table top displays.

Modular Exhibits

A modular unit offers significant customization options, but without the total control that a fully custom unit can offer. The most significant advantage of a modular unit is that, unlike most custom options, it can be reconfigured at will. Modular units are inherently adaptable; they are meant to be reorganized and reformed whenever you want a change. Customized booths present well, but they can rarely be changed so that their presentation is different. A modular unit, on the other hand, can be changed almost infinitely. In addition, modular is usually moderately priced as far as large trade show stands go.

Banner Stands

Unlike the other two exhibit styles mentioned here, banner stands are not, strictly speaking, a complete display. On their own, they are no more a large exhibit than a table top display. To make them compare with these larger units, you need to combine multiple banners. By placing them next to each other, you’ll be able to create the appearance of a larger unit without paying the price for one. Setting up your stand feria exhibit this way can save a lot of cash, provided you like the appearance. Most companies that choose this type of booth use three banners, each one three feet wide. In some cases, they spread out a single image along the three, and when all of them are arranged together, that single image appears as a unified whole. The only difference is an added visual distinction by the spacing. Some designers choose to take a different approach, using three distinct banner stands that nonetheless work when placed together. This approach is more difficult to pull off, but can have a very sharp and distinctive appearance if done right.

Making The Call For Your Company

Modular trade show displays, custom builds, and modified table top displays all have their place at a convention. There is no one right choice that will suit every company. Your ideal choice will be determined by how much you want to spend and what kind of impression you want to make for your visitors. Avoid ruling out any one style of exhibit immediately. Spend time considering your options. If you take the time and think your purchase through, you’ll get great results and a durable unit that will last for years.


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